Monday, December 8, 2008

Workout Stats : Monday : 12/09/08

Workout Stats : Monday : 709 calories burned
+ 30 minutes Run/Walk intervals on the track (every other song, entire song)
+15 minutes Stepmill variety trek
+15 minutes Jumprope/Side jumps on BOSU
+15 minutes Elliptical hill climb

That was a great workout. The track really set the tone for the whole thing. There was barely anyone there, the temperature was great, it was bright but not blinding and I actually had a lot of energy. I was also working off a little anger from a bad encounter I had with a friend in the lobby - who for no particular reason I can gather was acting like a giant butthead.

I am starting the week off on a good note with 7 APs. Now, to keep that up.

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