Monday, December 15, 2008

Weigh In : Monday 12/15/08

Weigh In : Monday : 154.8 = -1 lb!
Ok, so I'll readily admit that I was expecting a bigger loss, but as I was adding it to my weight tracker I realized I had a pretty big loss last week (1.6 lbs) so this is actually a fantastic follow up. Lately, when I have been having bigger losses (which I consider to be anything over 1 pound) I have been gaining. Therefore, this is a complete and total victory over the scale.
I do wish Weight Watchers would try to be a little more encouraging for me though. Maybe they've given up on me because I've been bouncing around the same weight for so long. I lost a pound, and here is the message I got after I had input that information:
Thanks for tracking your weight. Are you satisfied with your weight this
week? If yes, keep doing what you've been doing. If not, the suggestions
may lead you in the right direction. Best of luck and see you next

Thanks a lot, jerks.