Monday, December 8, 2008

Weigh In : Monday : 12/08/08

Weigh In : 12/08/08 : 155.8lbs (-1.6lbs)
I am headed into my 17th week of being in the 150s. I have no idea why my body is resisting the fact that it still has a lot of weight to lose - but it seems determined to hold on to a good amount of fat.
I've been very dilligent this week. I ate well and according to plan, I was thoughtful in my food choices, though I did splurge twice on some REALLY delicious ice cream and also on a gingerbread cookie at Macy's for the display.

I exercised and earned 24 APs for the week, which is great for me lately.
I was hoping to see a bigger loss, but that's the idiot in me that thinks I can keep pulling out huge losses. There's no benefit to that, really. So... slow and steady wins the race. Or, at least I'm hoping so as I pout here on my 17th week of being stuck in the 150s. There has to be a better way to break a plateau. I am literally losing and gaining each week without changing much between the two weeks. I've gone back and studied points trackers to see what I'm doing that might be screwing it up, and I haven't found much. My solution, for this month anyway, is to reserve drinking only for the Sunday night trivia I enjoy so much - and even then I will only have the one drink that is very low in points or a glass of wine. I did that this week, I passed on 2 happy hours and went to one and had a very large glass of diet coke with lime, which I enjoy much more than diet coke with rum anyway.

I'm going to try to step up the exercise this week, since I go back to work the following week and it will be a very busy time for me. I'm trying to think of creative ways to burn a lot of calories as those two weeks (the week before and the week of christmas) are really difficult for me. My family loves to eat, and I am making cookies in an effort to save money on some presents - they're very fancy cookies, probably the equivelent of like a 5-10 dollar gift, but there's nothing "good" you can get for $5-10 any more, except some lil' homies.

I should start my day. I am getting the remainder of the work out of the way today so that my vacation can really start - hopefully tomorrow.


Jessitracker said...

Maybe you should re-take your measurements?

Just because the scale isn't moving the way you want it to doesn't mean your body isn't changing at all.

Haven't you been working a lot on strength training?

Like you said: "You're also trying to get stronger, which is good and eventually you might get frustrated by the numbers. My sister is 5' and is a size 2 and weighs 140 because she's very muscular."

I know it's frustrating but I think you look great and you're working hard and doing a fantastic job!

nic said...

Totally. I'm not frustrated by what I HAVE accomplished, I'm frustrated by what I'm now TRYING to accomplish and not getting there.

It would be totally different if I were in say... the 140s and just needed to lose 5 more pounds or something, but I have 20 to go. That's still a lot.

I feel super strong. Justin is obsessed with my leg muscles and I feel pretty good about how my arm looks if I wave in a tank top. Hahahha.