Monday, December 29, 2008

Weigh In : 12/29/2008 : Up Up and AWAY

Weigh In : 12/28/08 : +1.6lbs
Well I gained. I shouldn't be suprised, I didn't really try the way I promised myself I would. I think a gain is to be expected when you tuck yourself in with a ball of cookie dough. Oh well.
It's a new week with a less food-oriented Holiday to come. The challenge this week will be: try not to consume 2009 calories on New Years Eve. We still don't have plans, but I'm sure it will involve sugary drinks and stupid free appetizers. I DO have a game plan however and I've rearranged my schedule to fit in extra gym time in the afternoon.
I'm back to my old horrible "no breakfast" habit today. I made a latte with my new impressive espresso maker. It was pretty much gross. I haven't gotten the hang of the thing yet, but practice makes perfect. I have no plan for lunch at this point, but the fridge is literally full of healthy choices so it shouldn't be a problem. I forsee a loss for the first weigh in of 2009.

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