Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thoughts from the desk : Pre 6am

Last night, I made 65 mini-pies. The idea sounded super delicious, but the actual final product was really exceptionally ugly. My quick fix, made what was an another wise good-tasting but horrible looking dessert into a nightmare. Now they look good, but they taste horrible. I'm frustrated. I'm going to bring them to the employee party either way, mostly because I can't bear throwing them out and some people like some weird stuff.

Hopefully no one knows I made them.

I sat down last night to pay bills. This is always the most frustrating part of my week. I try to do this every Tuesday night - that way the bills are paid as soon as they come in, my checkbook is always balanced and everything is in order. I think paying for anything around christmastime frustrates me. Obviously, the economy is bad, I have never made enough money to begin with, and I can't stop spending it regardless of if I have it or not. Our gas bill was near $200, which is almost completely due to the fact that our house is so old and rickety that we basically live outside. Our windows are useless, they let in full blasts of air.

I went around the house on Sunday with foam insulation tape, stuffing cracks and trying to seal things up. I folded some ugly towels and taped them up into little rolls to put at the bottom of door jams to the exterior doors. I've been religiously keeping the thermostat below 70 degrees, which is VERY hard for me because I am one of those people who is always cold (now... I used to always be hot when I had some nice fatty insulation myself!). I'm hoping to see an improvement because of this. The bedroom is already at least 10 degrees warmer on its own because of the window tape.

Today is the employee holiday party at work (hence the mini pies). I'm not very excited because it will mostly just be a big glob of tempting food and drink and dessert. I'm PLANNING to go home inbetween finishing things in the store and the beginning of the party so that I can eat lunch, but the way things have been, I'm not sure I'll have time. I need to just say no to anything at the party. Truly. The only reason I want to be there is to socialize (I've been out of the office for 2 weeks) and collect my xmas bonus (which isn't anything to get excited about, but very exciting to receive either way).

I guess I should go start my day. I have zero energy due to TOM and I have no idea how I'm going to get through.

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