Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snack-time! : WW Cherry Cheesecake Yogurt

Weight Watcher's Cherry Cheesecake Low Fat Yogurt = 1 point

I'm really not sure where the "cheesecake" part of this yogurt's name plays in, but it's tasty either way... in a completely cherry, not at all cheesecake, kind of way. It's also a nice change from the FiberOne yogurt I've been eating, which is also only 1 point, but is 2/3 the size of this package.


Jessitracker said...

I've liked all of the WW Yogurt I've tried except Amaretto Cheesecake and Berries and Cream.

Those were both barf city.

I don't get their idea of "cheesecake" either.

nic said...

Oh god dammit. Those are the two other kind I got.

GRRR! Oh well, I'll be the judge.