Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lunch : Tuesday : 12/09/08 : Meeting with the Directors

So, I am a Program Director at a rapidly growing nonprofit here in Minneapolis. Today, our annual Lunch Meeting of Minds is happening - where all of the Program Directors get together and chat casually (and hopefully not about work) over lunch. This year we're going to Penninsula Malaysian Cuisine. It's in the neighborhood of our campus, so it's fitting.

I checked out the menu ahead of time and decided on these two appetizers as a meal. (Click to see)

I should get away with only "spending" about 4-5 points on this, which is perfect. I'm also going to bring along the picture of me, Justin and Eli from our visit to Santa last year so I can brag about my progress in 2008. It's very exciting. Probably the only person who will *actually* care is Cynthia, a co-worker who calls me her "inspriation." I think it will be helpful to her to see that this actually pays off. She's joined the YWCA and is trying to correct some of her eating (but she's not really ready). The fitness aspect is doing wonders for her health, so she'll add the "diet" when she's prepared.

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Jessitracker said...

Did you get those apps? How were they?