Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Christmas Dinner : Down.

Wells Family Christmas Dinner : 12 points
This is technically not true. I ate way more points while hanging out with Justin's parents. I made the mistake of putting out stupid snacky appetizers and because I had a super busy no relaxing type day, I ate a lot of them. I ended the day using 7.5 points over my target, however, I had made time to get to the gym where I earned 6 APs, so I actually feel REALLY great about how my night ended.
For snacks I put out gouda and medium cheddar cheese slices with artisan red wine salami and crackers. I only allowed myself to have 3 slices of cheese. Cheese is my ultimate downfall. I love it more than anything. They should make a rehab center for cheese lovers. The biggest problem was the candied walnuts I made. They're damn delicious. And full of points, but I consider them good points because walnuts and nuts of all kinds are full of essential good fats, however, the sugar coating is rather unnecessary, but hey... it's Christmas. I had about 8 points worth of those, oops. The bad/plus in all this is that I never ate lunch. In fact I barely ate breakfast, and that's how it evened out. I wouldn't recommend it.
The main meal was roasted pork tenderloain, a hungry girl squash bake recipe I found and mixed vegetables. There was also salad and biscuits. During the sit down dinner portion, I only ate 9 points. Other points came from a glass of red wine and a tiny glass of espresso stout.
Yesterday was also the first round of spoiled Eli time where Eli gets way more presents than any kid should ever have. Kids and presents makes me kind of sick. They can't even remember what they get because they get too much. I only bought him one thing, Justin got him about 10 (would have been 20 but I stopped him) and Santa brought him a snowboard and a few stocking trinkets.
I am just getting back from the gym, where I went at 5:45am. I had to make time to get activty because it's Christmas Day number 2 : My Mom's house. Not only is my mom's house a trap for snacking in the first place as it was my haven when I developed ALL of my poor eating habits, but - the holidays stress her out, and she stresses me out, so it's bound to be a stressful day. I am bringing my waterbottle in hopes that I'll get in twice my daily amount of water to balance out other things and I'm going to try to be very choosey with my snacking.
Christmas makes me nervous this year! I am only 1.8lbs away from FINALLY leaving the 150s behind after 18 weeks of hanging out with them. I really want to do that. I realize it may be unreasonable for me to expect a 2lb loss after consistantly losing for 3 weeks now, but I'm trying either way. Having that be so close is such a great motivator to stay on track this holiday season. I can do it, and if I don't, at least I didn't set myself back too much.

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