Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dinner : Tuesday : 12/02/08 : Chilly Outside, Chili Inside

Hormel Vegetarian Chili + Fat Free Cheddar + Homemade Pita chips and hummus + Spinach = 11.5 points
This meal's points value would be significantly cut if a) I were not eating 2 servings of chili because I've consumed only 6 points today and burned those same 6 points at the gym and b) I didn't accidently use TONS of olive oil when I meant to use a little.

Not literal tons of course, but I meant to use a teaspoon and ended up using about 2. This is seriously not a big deal, especially because it's rare that I use olive oil at all anymore. I've probably stayed around the same weight because I keep using Roundy's Light Cooking spray instead of oil for everything (except salad). Any oil that sprays out of a can concerns me.

I'm excited about this meal. I haven't eaten it yet because it's so hot.

How's that for an update?

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