Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 17 of Vacation = Day 1

Today I literally did nothing.

I haven't changed out of my nightgown/sweatpant combo I threw on this morning at 8:30am when I woke up. That is also a serious "sleep in" for me, as I generally wake up between 5a-6am every single day of my life. I wrapped up some gifts to give me the feeling of being productive, but otherwise I have taken 2 naps, watched about an hour of t.v. and started my new book I bought at Patina yesterday.

There has been a lot of coffee consumed, tomato soup and grilled cheese - which was an odd choice for such a WARM winter day. It's Saturday night and I have no desire to leave the house, and I'm completely ok with that. There are magazines and books here, and there's no point in spending money when I'm completely content.

The stress of holiday shopping is gone. I had a few scuffs with Justin as we shopped the day away yesterday trying to convince him that he was buying WAY too many presents for Eli. He finally agreed and that was that. They're all wrapped and under the tree. It's an exciting time of year! My mom and I are getting together to bake cookies on Friday afternoon and I can't wait. Cooking and baking together is one of the only cooperative things I can do with my mom. Our personalities just don't work well together, but at Christmas, that gets set aside for some serious deliciousness in the oven. I'm very excited to try all the new recipes I've found for cookies that are just 1 point each. Each recipe makes about 80 cookies, so it will be perfect for gift giving. I have 5 plates to make, and I think it will be a great mix. I just have to go to the dollar store to buy some cute mini-platters so they look more gift like. Gladware isn't exactly nice to look at.

I'm happy to be taking a day off from the gym. I have been there every day this week, and I'm surely go tomorrow for my favorite class - BodyFlow. I have earned 27 APs so far this week, and with tomorrow I should end the week over 30, which is a giant accomplishment for me. I was getting 30-35 this time last year, and I was happy with that level, I just don't have the time I did last year, but I'm attempting to make it a priority again. I hope the scale shows it was worth it.

Justin and I went out last night for a dual-birthday party at the Independent. My SCLI friends Kelly and Ruthie had rented the private room. It was a good time, there was food, and that was dangerous. During our shopping adventure, Justin and I stopped at Broder's deli to have lunch because he has never been to that side of the street. We've eaten at the pasta bar many times, but I grew up on Broder's breads and pastas so I was excited. I played it safe and ordered Minestrone soup (hold the delicious bread) and half a caprese panini, which has a lot of fresh mozarella - so pretty high in points. At the party I had 3 pieces of chicken satay, the equivelent of one pita with hummus, and 3 cream cheese wontons (whoops.) I'm pretty sure wontons will be my downfall at any appetizer party. They are so damn delicious I can't pass them up. All in all, I think I made good choices, and that was my dinner, so I think I might have even been ok with points (I didn't track. Uh oh).

I also stopped into NuLook (my favorite consignment store!) yesterday. I had some money in my account there, where I sell the clothes that are too big for me, and I found a great mustard clutch, an adorable gray leather jacket FOR $8 and a pair of Adriano Goldschmied jeans (they retail for like $179). The AG jeans are "the Nicole," which couldn't be more fitting (obviously) and they fit like a glove. They're beautiful. Because of my consignment account money, all of this only cost my $7.99. Thank god people want to buy my old clothes so I can buy their old clothes!

All in all, it's been a good beginning to the weekend. Tomorrow morning I'm headed to the gym, and after that I'm helping my mom get a few things done around the house.

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