Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Breakfast : Wednesday : 12/03/08 : Oats and Apples

Quaker Lower Sugar Oatmeal in Apples and Cinnamon = 2 points

Obviously being instant oatmeal, the bowl I'm eating out of is more exciting than the meal itself. For something quick and hearty, however, this is an excellent choice. I eat a lot of oatmeal out of little brown paper bags. Perhaps it's because I'm lazy... well, not perhaps, it's certainly because I'm lazy. Anything that makes eating breakfast easier for me is OK in my book. I tend to have trouble with that first meal of the day. My idea of breakfast is apparently 7 cups of coffee.

Justin and I went to Cub Foods yesterday. My bank has a location inside their stores and I needed a small list of groceries to bring us up to speed on meals for the week. That small list tripled while we were in the store and we ended up filling the cart. However, this wasn't a bad thing. We got a lot of food for about 1/2 what we spend at Rainbow for similar items. We also found a lot of variety that isn't in our main grocery store (Rainbow Foods). I was excited to find an array of WW yogurt cups in flavors I'd never seen. I chose "cherry cheesecake" and some sort of "ameretto pie*" (*not the correct name).

The day is off to a good start, I've gotten a lot of work done and I plan to keep on cranking it out until I head to the gym in about an hour to have a 100% cardio day.

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