Monday, November 24, 2008

Weigh In : Monday : 11/24/2008 A Loss!

Weigh In : Monday : 11/24/2008
155.2 lbs
Loss of 4.3 lbs
Yay! A payoff. I just hope that with Thanksgiving being this week it doesn't all go downhill again. I hate the yo-yoing and I really need to see a couple losses in a row. Obviously not gigantic losses like that, but again, the loss was a combo of eating really late at night and having that TOM, so a decent amount was water weight.
Yesterday I convinced Justin to come to BodyFlow with me. My reasoning was valid in that it's all balance and strength training using your own body weight, which would be very good for his knee and would give him some other ideas on how to build up his strength. He said no at first, but came after all and did a pretty good job given his situation. It wasn't that hard to convince him because there IS usually at least 2-3 guys in the class but this week there were 5 other than him. It's getting really crowded in that class, which tends to annoy me - but it is such a relaxing and personal experience that I barely even notice.

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