Monday, November 17, 2008

Weigh-in: 11/17/2008 : Nicole's tips on how to have a HORRIBLE weigh in

Weigh In: Monday 11/17/2008 : 159.4lbs (+5.3)

I feel like that cat today. I'm tired, bloated, irritable, and now I'm angry about my weigh-in. I completely understand all of the factors working against me right at this very moment. Let's review them.

+Weekend in Duluth = Over indulgence.
This weekend I was celebrating my 8 millionth anniversary with Justin. I kept my ordering reasonable, but there was always desert to be had, and something else to eat. I estimate I used all of my flex points and then some. However, kudos to me for getting up early on Sunday a.m. and jogging the lake walk before getting a Northern Lite Latte at Caribou.

+TOM torture.
I am currently living my monthly nightmare. That, paired with a lot of carby salty food I ate this weekend, is allowing me to carry what I like to call a "water baby." I estimate about 3 pounds of this gain is all water retention.

Ok, so those are really the only factors working against me, along with the fact that it seems to be hilarious to mother nature to let me yo-yo week after week after week even when I'm trying. Today is another day, and I start all over again. It will literally take me months to take off these 5lbs, if I don't put on another 5 before them. It really terrified me to see the scale almost back up into the 160s. Why? Why do I fluctuate so much?

My goals for the week, to get rid of some of this gain...
-Go rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors (different forms of activity always help me loss)
-Give up lattes for the week. (even though they're a great way to get my dairy in)
-Earn at least 30 APs (this shouldn't be too hard, I don't have a very busy week)

I am hoping those steps will be in the right direction to minimizing my terror of the scale next week. I was thinking lately about how I could possibly inspire anyone when I can't even inspire myself. When I just keep losing and gaining, but gaining more than I lose. If nothing else, my inspiration from myself comes in the fact that I just keep trying.

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