Friday, November 28, 2008

No Way No Weigh.

So, I've screwed up this week. I admit it. The hilarious twist is that Thanksgiving Day was pretty much the only day out of the last 4, where I didn't go ridiculously overboard. I've decided that if I really intend to get back and stay back on track, that I need to relax. I overeat sometimes because of the pressure I put on myself NOT to overeat. I'm a rebel. I do anything anyone tells me not to, even myself.

Step one in the relax project is to give myself a "No WAY no WEIGH" out this Monday. I'm going to way myself for my own personal information and to size up the damage I've done, but I am not going to record it anywhere. Not on this site, not on Freewebs and not on Weight Watchers. I am free from making that a "real" number anywhere but in my head.

The plan then, is to (starting right now) plan my meals, eat according to plan, stock up on better snacks and DRINK MORE WATER. I am horrible with the water and right now it has so many other added benefits from the cleansing weight loss. The air is dry and my skin looks like hell. Water will help that, and I'm pretty sure I'm more concerned about my skin at this point than I am about shedding water weight.

I have taken the next TWO WEEKS off of work... well... at least off of being IN the office. I will be doing work from home and trying to prioritize and complete a project that is semi-overdue despite it's lack of a due date. I also have a small list of home things to do which I hope I can accomplish by Christmas.

To Do:
  • Clean, Organize and Label everything in my office closest. Build a cohesive plan so that things are accessible. Use the rod for coats and scarves.
  • Clean, Organize and Label everything in the storage closet. THROW AWAY THINGS we no longer use.
  • Clean, organize and toss things from the kitchen cabinets. I have far more baking pans and accessories than I will use or ever have used. Bring things to the Free Store when I check in on Terry.

That's really it. It's not a daunting list, and I guarantee if I buckled down, I could get it all done in one day. The problem is the lack of "normal" space in which to organize. Both of these closets are oddly shaped and ill-planned. It will take some time moving things around to really get it right.

My only goal for tomorrow is to get to the gym for the first time all week. (I told you, I was bad.)

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