Friday, November 7, 2008

My favorite workout gear.

I try to work out daily, so the clothes I work out in definately need to have staying power. I wanted to show you what I'm into currently, as I highly recommend it for the budget concious weight loser.

C9 by Champion Boot Cut Pants

These pants are universally flattering. The majority of people love buying things at Target because they're reasonably priced and we're already there for something else. These great form-fitting bootcuts hug your form, are ultra-comfortable and cheap! Not only that, but there's a bonus... they come in Petite, Regular and Tall lengths.

I've never found a pair of athletic/yoga style pants that fit so well and looked so good.

Get them here.

Moving Comfort "Fiona" High Impact Sports Bra

Having finally moved into a bra size you can find in regular department stores after 7 years of.. well... honkers, this is a big girl's dream bra. Made for high impact sports or activity, this one really supports. It has adjustable straps, so you can move as needed and comes in an array of adorable colors.

Secret spot to get them for almost HALF OFF!

I would put something else up about what kind of shoes I love to buy, etc... but I generally take other people's left over shoes so that wouldn't help you much. I do have a pair of North Face trail runners that I found at REIs Scratch and Dent sale last year for $26. They appeared to be brand new and I've loved them ever since.

Again, with the lack of food pictures, I ate sushi for lunch with Jessica today while she flat ironed my hair. We also ate Sugar Free Rice Pudding and had a pillow fight. WWBB.

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