Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A lunch to vote by...

"Poll Pie" = 5 points

I really wish I could say this tastes a lot better than it looks, but it really doesn't. I think I accurately described it to Sarah, who ate it along with me on Saturday night that its "not that bad... but it's really NOT good." Either way it has vegetables and it's something I could toss in the microwave which will keep me full while I wait 5 hours in line at the polls. Justin and I are headed out to vote. I'm going to have to put in overtime at the gym because I managed to bump into a co-worker today who force fed me a donut (ok, so I willingly took it, but she did ASK me if I wanted one....) and now I'm eating this piece of crappy poll pie and then it's off to the coffee shop for my 3 point latte.
After all that I'll have 9.5 points left for dinner, which is totally do-able, but I'd really like to earn some delicious dessert.
I hope you're voting! GO VOTE!

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