Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinner : 11/20/2008 : Pizzzzzza

2 Slices Homemade Pizza + Wilted Spinach on the side = 11 points
Wow. This pizza turned out so well. Usually I only "make" (supervise) homemade pizza when justin is around, because he has been making pizzas for 15 years. I opted to make it myself last night and it was delicious. Hummus as sauce, spinach, red onions, chicken and shredded carrots with WW Moz cheese. I had a good workout at the gym last night, so I deserved it.

I also went out with a friend last night to talk about job frustrations. She is going through the same thing I am and we were just chatting about how odd it is to feel shame in wanting to leave the nonprofit sector and make a livable wage. It doesn't mean we care any less, and I will still volunteer loads of time towards things I care about, but at this point, I need to make a comfortable living. It doesn't help me help my clients when I am constantly stressed about money. It also doesn't help my "diet."

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