Friday, November 7, 2008

What would I have lost today...

Let's play a little game called....
What would I have lost today if my weigh-in day was still Friday?

Dun Dun... Da Dun Duhhhh.... Dun Dun.... Dun Dun Duhhhh... DoDoDoDo Dun Duhhhh!

"Today our contestant is... Ms. Nicole from Minneapolis, MN. Well, Nicole, last week you weighed 157.8 pounds. Wow... gained a little bit from the previous week. Eh? Eh? Eh?

Anyway! Let's see what you weigh today, Friday November 7th.

She's stepping on the scale folks.

*ding ding ding* 154! A 3.8lb loss!

What's that? Ohhhh, too bad. You changed your weigh-in days to Monday?
To hold yourself more accountable on the weekends? I can see the point in that. Ok, Ms. Nicole from Minneapolis, MN... we'll see you back here Monday. Be good this weekend" *wink wink nudge*

So it looks like my hard work has been paying off, at least so far. I promised myself this morning, while I was in the bathroom digging sleep out of my eye, that this would be the only Friday I was allowed to convince myself it was ok to step on the scale. Simply because this is my first week with the new weigh-in day, and I'm extremely curious. I can't do it every week, or it will drive me nuts.

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