Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Workout Stats: Wednesday 11/05/08

Workout Stats: Wednesday = 524 calories
+ c25k Week 5 day 2 (about 3/4ths)
+ 15 minutes on stationary bike
+ 4 minutes jump rope
+ ab ripper 100

Lame workout today. I started off with c25k but because we went to the gym directly after we ate with Justin's parents, I got a gigantic crampy stitch in my side and I just couldn't finish. It was so horribly painful, like the lining of my stomach was stuck to my rib and would not come off.

I was hurting and I couldn't give it my all so I felt lame. I'm also annoyed because I just "lost" a day of training. Oh well, I have to make it up tomorrow. I'm thinking about getting up early to run, but I'm not sure how I could possibly get up any earlier.

Hummus pita with cucumbers, tomatoes and sprouts.

I ordered that to save on points, but then ended up trading Justin half of it for the sandwich he got, which was what I really wanted (Turkey Avocado) and ate both halves and half of a salad that comes dressed in point ridden dressing.

Oh well, I've been pretty good so far this week and active enough. I'm expecting a loss regardless of that little mess up. Plus I've planned a relatively boring low points dinner which will help even things out.

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