Wednesday, November 5, 2008

celebration, consession, and coffee

morning coffee + 1/4 cup light soy milk = .5 points
What a fabulous morning. I didn't make it through the end of everything last night, I tend to go to bed around 10pm most nights so I am listening to the candidates speeches this morning. I'm a little embarrassed to admit there were tears shed, but it's an important time. Now we have to figure out how to let all of the people who showed up at the polls know that this is not the end. That was not enough. To make real change in this country we have to be the change - and I'm hoping I can be a significant part of that, at least in my own world.
I haven't felt hungry enough for breakfast yet, but I know I need to keep it light. Justin's parents are in town and we'll be joining them for lunch today. I'm not sure where we're going, but I hope there is a good option for me. I'm voting for Cliquot Club, especially because I haven't been there in months. While my favorite things tend to involve lots of points, because ANYTHING I don't prepare myself is always more points than I would have eaten at home, it's still pretty reasonable for eating out. I believe the sandwich/salad combo I generally get comes in at around 14 points when I only eat half the sandwich. I always tend to overestimate to be safe, but there is the bread (2 points), the turkey (around 2-3 points, so I say 3), the sprouts ( 0 points), the greens (0 points), the onions (0 points), the avocado spread (2-3 points so I say 3 ) and the 1 slice of bacon I ask for (3 points) as well as the dressing for the salad which I estimated a long time ago to be about 3 points when you ask them to dress it light.

It LOOKS like a really healthy sandwich, but if I ate the other half, It would come in at almost 20 points for the meal. I think a lot of people struggle on WW because they underestimate everything. I'm not saying the sandwich is UNhealthy, well... the bacon speaks for itself though, because avocado is good for you - it just has a lot of points.

I've got to get on to work. It's going to be a fun day around the office! Hopefully no one will bring donuts again.

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