Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breakfast : 11/18/2008 : Back to the Future

Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran.
My favorite cereal growing up has just become my new breakfast staple. I have no idea why I loved this cereal as a kid, there is absolutely nothing exciting about it. It's old people cereal, and I don't know why it was ever in the house - since my parents weren't very old. Anyhow, I adored it.
I was getting sick of my FiberOne Honey Clusters, especially since they're actually pretty pointy when you get to eating a whole serving with milk and such. I was at the grocery store and decided to get back to my roots... only to find that a serving of CCB is only 1 point! ONE! Amazing. That's on it's own of course, but when I add my light vanilla 8th continent soy milk, the total rises to 1.5 points - total. I'm in heaven.
This morning I had a bowl of CCB, half a banana and I'm going to get a skim latte in a moment, all for 5.5 points, which is what my cereal would have been if I stuck with the FiberOne.
Maybe there is hope for me after all. I need to stop thinking I've got it down, there is always some new trick to discover.
Grocery shopping ALWAYS puts me on a good start for the week.

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