Monday, November 3, 2008

best way to start the day... every day.

morning coffee + 1/4 cup vanilla soy milk = .5 points

I have decided to change my weigh-in day to Monday. This was my original weigh-in day when I first began Weight Watchers, but I switched it to Friday mornings when I realized it would make it easier for me to do whatever I wanted on the weekend and still have a whole week to make up for it.

Well, that theory can't fly anymore. I'm kickin' it into high gear.

By knowing that my weigh-in will come first thing Monday morning, I will have to be more accountable for my choices over the weekend, which to be honest, lately, haven't even been choices. It's just been a free for all.

I am hoping the creation of this new blog, coupled with my little meal picture project will really help me stay on track. Plus, who doesn't like looking at pictures of food? Recipes will be posted along side the ones that actually require them and/or even look appetizing to the outsiders eye.

Time to get some work done.

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