Saturday, November 8, 2008

Breakfast 11/08/08: Cereal for the Crawl.

morning coffee + 1/4 cup of light soy milk and 1 1/8 cup of Fiber One Honey Clusters Cereal with 1 cup light soy milk = 5.5 points

I always forget that my favorite cereal is kind of point-y, but I love it and it keeps me full for a long time, so it all works out. That, coupled with the fact that I ate breakfast at 11:45am when I had already been up for 4 hours still leaves me in a good place for the day.

We are headed out for the Seward Art Crawl for a while, and then I have no idea what the plan is. I hope to get to the gym at some point (I need to!) so I may have to go a little later tonight, perhaps around 8pm, which makes me the loser at the gym at 8pm on a Saturday, but hey... I am that loser.

There is some serious grocery shopping that needs to happen in the next day or two. We are running out of edible food and I can only be so creative with my recipes. I printed a whole stack of them off of the WW website, so I'm ready to try some new food. I'm hoping that will inspire me to stay on track.

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